Taking Flight flier front

Kent, 2011-2012

Taking Flight was a project that explored migration, music and story, uncovering some of the rich diversity of stories from Eastern Europe and beyond found on Thanet’s doorstep.

For several months, storyteller Emily Hennessey (then Parrish) and musician Filipe Gomes gathered tales from people in Margate and Cliftonville through workshops, street interviews and in Adult Education English classes.

Participants were asked to share the stories they carry with them: favourite folktales and fairytales remembered from childhood, local folklore, family histories, anecdotes and dreams. Through these stories emerged real experiences of change and migration.

Where does the line between fiction and truth begin to blur? Which are the tales we keep close to us and why?

The project culminated in a unique sound installation that took place in various locations including the Kent Cultural Baton (pictured below), Theatre Royal Margate, University of Kent and as part of the launch of the Turner Contemporary in Margate.
Taking Flight was funded by Arts Council England and Kent County Council, in association with Theatre Royal Margate, Turner Contemporary, Kent Adult Education and drama students at University of Kent.