Winter stories from Russia

Gather around, all you little pigeons young and old, as the harsh Winter winds blow. It’s time to wrap up warm, light the samovar, sip tea, forget the world outside and listen to stories…

In a tiny wooden house, a little candle dances, casting mysterious shadows. 

A girl is sent into the forest where Father Frost breathes his icy breath across the oak trees.

Meanwhile, a golden feather shimmers on the path, dropped by the mythical Firebird. Who will find it? 

And when turnips go missing and a sneezing goat appears, will life ever be the same again?

Join performance storyteller, Emily Hennessey, for a wild and wonderful Winter’s journey through a world of Old Peter’s Russian Tales, collected by Arthur Ransome. Suitable for old and young alike.

an outstanding performance storyteller” The Latest

Running time 2 x 45mins

Recommended minimum age 7+