Listen to a couple of stories from the show with music by Filipe Gomes

Wild, irreverent, stupid, wise, dangerous and outrageously rude, Coyote has questions. 

Big Questions. 

Looking for answers he crosses land and sky, pisses down rabbit holes, vomits up his siblings, cheats death, shits and shags and wreaks havoc everywhere he goes. 

Emily Hennessey celebrates the great Native American trickster, the original creator and fool, riffing on the blues and high on himself. 

Raw, rough and close to the edge.

★★★★★   “An irreverent but profound performance”   RemoteGoat

Remote Goat Review of: Dog Almighty! at the Soho Theatre
Rating: ★★★★★
Reviewed by: Rebecca Wall
5th March 2019
“An irreverent but profound performance”

As a big fan of the Crick Crack Club’s ‘Myths Retold’ at the British Museum, I was curious to experience one of their storytelling events at the Soho Theatre. Although shorter, and in a far more intimate venue, ‘Dog Almighty’ did not disappoint. Based on Native American folklore, the performance centred around the figure of the Coyote, a wolf-like creature who seemed to be something of an ancestor to Reynard the Fox, and was masterfully inhabited and narrated by Emily Hennessey.

Over the course of an hour he emerged as a loveable rogue and irreverent trickster, who takes delight in cheap tricks yet can be mesmerised by the beauty of the world. This was a performance that wasn’t afraid to be coarse and squirm-inducing, its toilet humour only enhanced by the dissonance between a female storyteller embodying a thoroughly male protagonist.

As it progressed, however, this humour morphed into a more reflective mood, with Coyote confronting many of life’s timeless questions, such as the nature of love and loss, mortality and the divine. I left feeling moved and uplifted, glad to have spent an evening exposed to a folklore that was new to me, amidst a warm and engaged audience.