Prince Ivan and the Grey Wolf

With Musician Mark Camateras

 A single golden feather gleams in the heart of the wild forest.

Few dare to imagine its worth. Fewer still, the cost…

Young prince Ivan is the laughing stock of his older brothers. But now, with a golden feather in his hand, he must embark on a challenging adventure to find the most extraordinary creature of all. 

With an ancient donkey as his steed and not a penny in his pocket, things aren’t looking good for Ivan. But when a mysterious grey wolf and a rather unusual princess turn up, things take a very different turn.

Can Ivan solve the riddles? Will he overcome his fears?
And will he ever make it home to his father?

A riotous adventure bursting with music, magic and marvel, wit and wonder, big questions and even bigger giants, this lively, interactive performance brings this gripping Russian folktale to life.

Suitable for ages 8yrs+

Running time: 60mins

For Schools:

Firebird story as above with optional WW1 frame story which highlights the themes of bravery, loneliness, friendship and family in the narrative. Follow up workshops available. Ideal for inspiring role play, creative writing, letter writing and learning about the lives of soldiers in the trenches.

Suitable for KS2

Performance: 60mins

Performance & Workshop: 120mins (up to 30 pupils)

 Firebird 1
Thanks to Looping the Loop Festival who commissioned this piece in 2014!