Loki cut smScandalous god, shape-shifter, wheeler-dealer, seducer and assassin… a right pain to live with, yet the world can’t exist without him!

In the dark North where Gods and Giants hammer the world into existence and Baldr’s nightmares gnaw at the gates, Loki has found the perfect playground. In his hands no weakness will be left unexploited, no vanity left unexposed, and no secret left unmasked. A once flawless, beautiful landscape changes. Now, as the sea blackens and the jaws of the hungry wolf close in on the sun, Loki smiles… 

The end has begun!

Inspired by the boldest trickster of them all, Emily Hennessey takes a raw and epic journey to the lands of ice and fire where darkness sheds light on inner adversaries and every riddle carries a shadow.

Suitable for ages 12+

Running time 60mins

“I could have sold this twice over” Director, Beyond the Border Storytelling Festival

“intelligently composed, and beautifully performed… Emily’s relationship with the material is a delight to encounter. This is narrative chosen and reworked by a storyteller who has something to say, which gives this show that vital smack of authenticity.” Crick Crack Club

“such a wonderful imaginative journey, holding us all in the palm of your hand, while we all took you to our hearts… a glorious evening of dreaming and delights, so deftly told. The whole evening was a real tonic and a great thrill.” Programmer, A Bit Crack

“Just fantastic” Audience, Viking Ship Museum, Denmark


Watch the full film here: https://www.scenesaver.co.uk/production/loki-norse-myths-trickster/