The Ramayana

I’m really looking forward to bringing this new show to schools this autumn! THE RAMAYANA Rama and Sita have made a happy home deep in the forest. But when the terrifying ten-headed demon king kidnaps Sita, everythingchanges. How will Rama every find her? Can a loveable, scatterbrain friend help? Full of flying monkeys, strong princesses, vivid imagery, excitement and enchantment, this performance will delight and inspire pupils and teachers alike. Emily, who has Read more…

Bhavai Folk Theatre

I was lucky enough to see some extraordinary folk theatre on my recent India trip. I’m busy making short films that show some of these performances at the moment. Here’s the first… ‘Baithak ni Bhavai’ Shri Nayak Baldevbhai D. and his troupe from Kalol, Gujarat perform at the Kathakar International Storytellers Read more…

The Hindu feature

Emily Parrish at the British Council. Photo: B. Jothi Ramalingam   Lovely to see some features in the press from my recent India tour! Here’s one from The Hindu: U.K.-based Emily Parrish weaves together Norse mythology, Indian tales and fantasies from across the world. She tells Esther Elias what drew Read more…

Royal Opera House Storytelling

Not long to go till the next Royal Opera House gig on 31st May. ‘Family Sunday’ events are great fun. Storytelling, dancing, singing, costumes to try on and the building to explore. Come along!