Loki cut sm



Scandalous god, shape-shifter, wheeler-dealer, seducer and assassin… you can’t live with him, and the world can’t exist without him.

In the dark North where Gods and Giants hammer the world into existence and Baldr’s nightmares gnaw at the gates, Loki has found the perfect playground. In his hands no weakness will be left unexploited, no vanity left unexposed, and no secret left unmasked. A once flawless, beautiful landscape changes. Now, as sea blackens and the jaws of the hungry wolf close in on the sun, Loki smiles. The end has begun.

Inspired by the boldest trickster of them all, Emily Hennessey takes a raw and epic journey to the lands of ice and fire where darkness sheds light on inner adversaries and every riddle carries a shadow.

Suitable for ages 12+

Running time 60mins