The Three Swords

 The Three Swords: A Scandinavian Folktake

Three brothers sleep, forever more

Wrapped in the arms of the earth

Cradled in the crook of old oak’s roots

Caressed by frosts and sunbeam’s thaw…


In the lands where the midnight sun shimmers and the Northern lights glow, a baby is snatched away by an eagle with hungry chicks to feed.

Meanwhile, the stinking sea trolls have kidnapped the king and three chatterbox princesses await their soggy fate. 

Will the glittering swords in the forest ever be found?

Will the princesses ever stop talking?

Will it all end happily ever after?  Or not…?

A riotous folktale bursting with hilarity, wonder, magic… and some very hairy feet.

Suitable for young-hearted adults and children aged 8+

Running time 60mins