Dog Almighty!


Old Man Coyote, the great Native American trickster, has a head full of questions.

Big Questions.

Questions for the Creator.

He crosses from one end of the world to the other, traverses the sky, and delves into the Land of the Dead seeking answers. 

On his journey, Coyote – wise, cunning, brutal and brilliant – avenges his death, vomits up his sisters and puts Crow, Bear and Owl in the stars, all the while wreaking havoc, creating wonder and laughing as he goes along. 


Storyteller Emily Hennessey shares a pack of wild, rude, fast-paced and surreal Coyote tales from the tribes of Nez Perce, Chinook, Wasco and Plains Ojibwa, and inspired by the stories of Peter Blue Cloud in his book, ‘Elderberry Flute Song’.